Perhaps you're right

Perhaps you're right. Perhaps all of you people out there are right, that we cannot change this world.

You argue that what can be changed has already been changed. Those that have not, cannot be changed. After weighing the pros and cons, it is just not feasible to commit the changes. There are consequences to changing. Conflicts of interest to be handled, old habits to be broken, and short-term profits just too hard to let go. Plus there's no way to tell the outcome, absolutely not a pleasant process, and possibly there's no feedback of any kind at all.

You have a point. We are more or less in an equilibrium: what can be changed has already been changed, what's left cannot be changed simply because there is no reason to do so. Say, a pebble gets stuck on the river bed. It was moving, and it still has the potential to move, but it's stuck. Why? Because there's sand on the river bed. The friction stops it from moving. The friction from the sand counters the force of the current. The pebble simply does not move. There, you have it. What doesn't change doesn't change.

Why do old bad habits stay around? Because the there are no immediate benefits present, but it hurts instantly. Because you evaluate the situation, and decide it is not worth the trouble. Because you deny yourself the chance to try. Because you don't believe in yourself.

And perhaps you are right.

You are right in believing that the world cannot change, you cannot change, and there is nothing you can do. And you will be correct, correct solely because you believe so. Therefore you will not make any effort to change, to improve, to try and do something.

But I refuse to comply.

I am not giving in to this false belief you speak of. I refuse to. There will always be a part of me that will try and contribute, to do something good for the world. It will always be my quest to improve upon myself. The world can be a better place. I can be a better man. I may very well falter or fall, but that will not stop me. At the end of the day, I may have changed something, or I may have made no difference at all. No matter what, I tried, and will continue trying.

I will, and I can, because I believe so.


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