Becoming a better person

It had always been my goal to make myself a better person, one that is confident about my own doings, while also recognized by other people as a decent and respectful man. However, it has come to my attention that some people frown upon my claim as a gentleman, which has led me to think that there are still much more to be improved.

After reading Benjamin Franklin’s 13 personal goals, I have decided that I must set a few goals for myself. Instead of big and lifelong goals like his, I'll settle for two smaller goals that I wish to achieve:

  1. Do not speak ill of others. I consider this to be the most critical flaw in my personality. Stay silent unless there's something good to say. Unless explicitly asked for opinion, do not give negative remarks.

  2. Respect people, do not make fun of them. Respect people and respect them, don't respect people and make fun of them. Friends may take your jokes with no apparent objections, but feelings could still be hurt. Don't make fun of people in any way.

There are also other virtues I can say, for the most part, I have succeeded in keeping. I do not lie, do not steal real-life objects, and I do not apply violence to people. Copyright infringement is one field in which I don't totally abide by the law. The software I use is no longer pirated, but the final step concerns the removal of music files sitting on my hard drive, which I am still reluctant to do. The ability (or rather the will) to be punctual, however, is something that I should attend to more than I do.

Friends, please do correct me if you find me violating these goals. You are helping me by pointint out my mistake, and I would thank you very much if you did. Hopefully, you'll have a better friend than the original!

Of course, there are still minor flaws which I hope to correct in the future. Including but not limited to: procrastination, lack of strong persistence, letting my mood down, and not keeping a routine bed time & rise time. We'll come to those, taking down a few at a time.

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